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 With Body Centered Life Coaching, I empower you to not only Live in your Body, but to LOVE your Body and your Self NOW – as you are. I’m an expert at co-creating the HOW with you – practices, rituals, and habits that support you in taming the Critical Self Talk and Harmful Patterns that keep you from feeling Light, Free, and Full of Awesome.

I’ve created The Self Love Cycle for Transformation and Healing, my signature system for guiding you into a sustainable practice of Self Love and Transformation.  Here, we learn tools to Mindfully and Lovingly discover the information and data stored in your Body.  Our bodies are powerhouses of Receptivity –  what messages have you stored in your body since childhood?  Are they still true?  Or are they simply strategies you developed in childhood that no longer serve you in the best way possible?  Through Body Centered Wellness Coaching we can get information about what has served,release what isn’t working, and develop new habits that leave you feeling at Peace, Confident, and Uniquely YOU.

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